smoke: rashid and cyrus (1)

at Cole's Garage, a gas station in the woods
CYRUS: You going to sit here all day?
RASHID: I don't know. I haven't decided yet.
CYRUS: Why don't you pick some other ? It gives you the to be stared at all morning.
RASHID: It's a free country, isn't it? As as I'm not trespassing on your property, I can stay here til the day I die.
CYRUS: Let me give you some useful information, son. There's two dollars and fifty cents in that cash register over there and all the time you've put in casing the joint so far, you'll make about fifty cents an hour. Any you look at it, that's a losing proposition.

RASHID: I'm not going to rob you, mister. Do I look like a thief?
CYRUS: I don't know what you look like, boy. As as I can tell, you popped up like a mushroom in this spot last night. You live in this town -- or on your way from here to there?
RASHID: Just passing through.
CYRUS: Just passing through. A lonesome traveler with a rucksack on his back plops himself from my garage to admire the view. There's other places to roam, kid, that's all I'm saying. You don't want to make a of yourself.

RASHID: I'm working on a sketch. That old garage of is so rundown, it's kind of interesting.
CYRUS: It's rundown, all right. But a picture won't improve the way it looks. Let's see what you did, Rembrandt.
RASHID: It'll cost you five bucks.
CYRUS: Five bucks! You mean you're going to me five bucks just to look at it?
RASHID: you look at it, you're going to want to buy it from me. That's guaranteed. And that's the price: five bucks. So if you're not willing to spring for it, you as well not to look. It'll just tear you up inside and make you .
CYRUS: Son-of-a-bitch.