smoke: rashid and cyrus (2)

CYRUS: You're , aren't you?
RASHID: I just tell it like it is, mister. If I'm , though, you think about hiring me.
CYRUS: Do you have eyes in your head, or ? You've been sitting here all day. How many cars have you seen drive up and ask for gas?
RASHID: Not one.
CYRUS: Not one. Not one customer all day. I bought this three weeks ago, and if soon, I'm going straight down the skids. What do I someone for? I can't even pay my own wages.

RASHID: It was .
CYRUS: Yeah, well, do your thinking somewhere else, Michelangelo. I got work to do. Who do you think I am, the State Employment Agency? . You want to work, I'll give you a job. That upstairs room over there -- the one above the office -- is . It looks like they've been throwing junk in there for twenty years, and it's time it got cleaned up.
RASHID: What's your offer?
CYRUS: Five bucks an hour. That's , isn't it? It's a quarter past two now. My wife's picking me up at five-thirty, so three hours. If you can't finish today, you can do the rest tomorrow.

RASHID: Is there a benefits package, or are you hiring me ?
CYRUS: Benefits?
RASHID: You know, health insurance, dental plan, paid vacation. It's not fun being exploited. Workers have to their rights.
CYRUS: I'm afraid we'll be working on a strictly freelance basis.
RASHID: Five dollars an hour? I'll take it.
CYRUS: The name is Cyrus Cole.
RASHID: Paul. Paul Benjamin.