spencer's ghost (1) reasons to break up

Chandler returns from a date. He says hello to Rachel.
Rachel: So how did your date with Joan go?
Chandler: I broke up with her.
Rachel: Don't tell me, because of the huge nostril thing?
Chandler: They were huge. When she sneezed, bats flew out of them.
Rachel: Come on, they were not huge.
Chandler: I'm telling you, she back, I could see her brain.
Rachel: How many fine women are you gonna reject over the most insignificant things? Name one woman that you broke up with for a real reason. Arlene? Not hating Yanni is not a real reason.

Next day, a crazy old man named Spencer, who has lived in their building, dies. Chandler and his friends are walking around his apartment, browsing through his belongings.
Joey: it out. Spencer' high school yearbook. Wow, he looks so normal. He's even kind of . Look here. “Spencer, you me up in science class. You're the funniest kid in school.”
Chandler: Funniest? Spencer?
Joey: That's it .
Chandler: There must be some mistake. Spencer can't have been funny, ever. He's always been a who enjoyed people off. This must have been a different Spencer. Wow, it says here Spencer was voted class clown. was I. This is strange. Spencer played clarinet in band, and I played clarinet.
Joey: So you were both dorks. Big .