spencer's ghost (2) janice

The next morning, Joey finds Chandler still sitting over Spencer's yearbook.
Joey: Have you been going through that yearbook all night?
Chandler: Look at this. Pictures of all the women that Spencer out with. Look what he wrote on them. “Vera, too tall. Gina, big nose. Too loud, too smart, makes noise when she eats.” This is me. This is what I do. I'm gonna end up alone, like he did.
Joey: Spencer was a . That's why he ended up living alone. It has nothing to do with high standards.
Chandler: What if ? What if I never find someone? Or worse, what if I've found her, but I her over some silly little thing that me? You guys are all gonna go off and get married, and I'm gonna end up alone. You know what? I'm not gonna end up like this. I'm gonna call Janice. What are you looking at me like that ? Janice was smart, she was pretty, and she honestly cared me. Janice may well be my last chance to have somebody.

Chandler and Janice agree to meet at their favorite café. When Janice walks in, it is obvious she is pregnant.
Joey: Geez, look how fat Janice .
Chandler: Janice, you're pregnant. Is it…?
Janice: Is it yours? Ha. You , Chandler. You are looking at a married lady now.
Chandler: Congratulations. You couldn't have me about this on the phone?
Janice: And what? the expression on your face? Oh no. Janice likes to have her fun.