spring break (1) taking it slow

Ross introduces Elizabeth to Chandler.
Ross: Hey. This is Elizabeth. She's the student I'm dating.
Chandler: Y'know, this is probably none of my business, but weren't you guys to not be seen in public together?
Ross: Oh, we're not together. We're just two people who to run into each other here at the coffee house.
Elizabeth: Well, I have to run. Bye Ross. (they kiss) . I did not mean to run into you like that, sir.
Ross: Oh, that is quite all right, .

Later. Ross' office at the university. Ross is unlocking his office door. Elizabeth walks up to him.
Ross: Oh, a student I don't know.
Elizabeth: I was if I could talk to you for a moment?
Ross: Yes, of course, what would this be about?
Elizabeth: Making out in your office.
Ross: Shh! Of course, why don't we go inside?
Elizabeth: I actually need to talk to you.
Ross: Oh, okay. What about?
Elizabeth: Spring vacation. Yeah, we have and a lot of people are going on trips so I was wondering… (another professor opens the door and Elizabeth says good-bye and leaves before she can finish the sentence)

Later that day, Ross is asking Chandler what he thinks.
Ross: Elizabeth was to ask me to go on a trip with her. Problem is, I was to take it slow with her. Would that be taking it slow? I don't think so. No, I'm not ready for this. What do I tell her?
Chandler: Just tell her the truth. Tell her you'd wait a few more weeks.
Ross: I can do that. But she gets upset? What do I do then?
Chandler: Then you her with a Barbie doll.