spring break (3) the bathing suit

Elizabeth's packing for her trip as Ross looks on nervously.
Elizabeth: I've just been working so hard this semester. I really need to take a break, away from it all, crazy, off some steam.
Ross: Sure. Look, I don't know if you've up your mind about this Florida thing, but I know another great way to blow off steam. you into crafts at all? I'm just supportive. Supportive of you and this whole trip... What is this?
Elizabeth: It's a bathing suit.
Ross: To wear in front of people? You are going to wear this? You mean other people will see you wearing this thing?

The airport, Elizabeth's flight is about to leave.
Ross: So, have a great time down there. Did you remember to pack that bathing suit? It was pretty funny when I it for a while, huh? Look, the reason I'm worried about that bathing suit is not because it's revealing, I'm fine , I'm concerned about your health, sun exposure.
Elizabeth: Ross, I know what you're worried about and trust me, I'm not going down there to up with a of guys. I like you a lot. I like how are going between us. I'm just going down there to relax and out with my friends.