stanley's dressing-down

Later that evening, after my brother and his family left, I was in bed reading a magazine I'd up earlier that day on the way home from work. Stanley walked in, and I was startled, because he'd been quiet since my brother's dressing-down. "What's the with you?" I asked him. He looked down at his feet, and he said, "Wanna do it tonight?"

I couldn't believe my ears. "How much beer did you have tonight?" I asked. Stanley got all and said, "I'm sorry I asked, but what's with a husband and wife doing it now and then, I mean, why do people get married in the first place, ?" I hate how he calls it "doing it." Granted, it's not a , but it's just so impersonal.

he'd had too much to drink and didn't really mean it, I told him to go to bed and sleep it off. But I was wrong. , my brother's little talk had to him, because he kept asking, day after day. So, a week after he first asked, I finally took him up on it. I was thrilled that he'd finally around.

But now, a couple day later, wouldn't you know it, Stanley's playing hard-to-get again, always that he's tired and . I guess my brother's talk off, even though he swears that my brother had nothing with it in the first place. He says he just felt like doing it that night. Yeah, right. Well, I'm not giving up without a fight.