the street lawyer (2) what the hell

Madam Devier, one of our receptionists, greeted me. " the elevator," I said. "Why?" "Street bum. Maybe you'd call security."

I walked away, forgetting the man with the rubber boots. I had non-stop meetings that afternoon, important conferences with important people. I the corner and was to say something to Polly, my secretary, when I heard the first shot.

Madam Devier was standing behind her desk, at an awfully long gun held by the bum. Since I was the first one to come to help her, he politely pointed it at me, and I as well.

"Don't shoot," I said, hands in the air. I'd seen movies to know exactly what to do. Did I really believe he would the gun and walk off? "Shut up," he replied, and I did.

There were voices in the hallway behind me. Someone , "He's got a gun!" And then the voices as my colleagues ran the back door. I could almost see them jumping out the windows.