the street lawyer (3) rafter

To was a heavy wooden door to a large conference room, which at that moment was filled with eight lawyers. These guys were pretty tough and very good at fools of people.

The toughest name was Rafter, and when he opened the door saying "What the hell?" the man the gun at him.

"Put that gun down," Rafter ordered, and a second later a shot went into the ceiling somewhere Rafter's head. Turning the gun back to me, the man nodded, and I entered the conference room behind Rafter. The last thing I saw in the hallway was Madam Devier shaking at her desk.

The man with the rubber boots the door behind me, and slowly waved the gun all eight lawyers could admire it. It work; the smell of the gunpowder was stronger than that of its owner.

There was a long table in the room, with documents and papers that only seconds ago seemed terribly important. A row of windows overlooked a parking lot. Two doors led to the hallway.

"Up against the wall," he said, using the gun as a very effective prop. Then he placed it near my head, and said, "Lock the doors." I did. There wasn't a word from the eight lawyers as they rushed backward. Not a word from me, , as I quickly locked the doors, then looked at him for .