tangled up in goo (2) and it won't be long

Eric soon showed up, determined to set his sisters free. „Don't worry,“ he said, leaning to see how best to help. But the leaves were slippery and he ended up and getting his trunk tangled up with Emma's and Ellen's.

„What are we going to do?“ they asked each other, if they were going to stay this way until they starved to death. „There's no need to worry. I'm sure someone will turn up sooner or later,“ Ellen said. „ it won't be long.“ „This is all your fault,“ Eric . „If it wasn't for you two, I'd be eating dinner at home right now.“

A moment later they heard a strange sound and soon they noticed a snake looking at them. He seemed a bit . „Is this some sort of a game?“ he asked. „I wish it was,“ said Ellen „but I'm afraid we're here. Would you help us, please?“ „I'll do my ,“ said the snake. „Let's see if I can untwist you.“ And he crawled among the trunks to see if there was a way to put right. But the trunks were such a that even the snake couldn't find his way out. „Damn it. I seem to be stuck,“ he whispered.