tangled up in goo (3) hard-squeezed

„Great,“ said Eric. „Now we have a snake to worry about, too.“ „I suggest you start looking for a way to get this out. You see, I may be stuck but my tongue can still move around,“ said the snake. „I feel causing some pain right now.“

Just then a pair of monkeys swung through the branches. They didn't seem to understand what was going on . „What the hell is this? What's going on here?“ they asking. „We got stuck here. What does it look like we're doing? Would you untangling us so we can go home?“ „Sure. How about we try pulling you apart?“

Each of the monkeys an ear or a tail and began pulling. „Ouch!“ shouted Ellen. „I'm squeezed too hard. I'm sort of having trouble breathing.“ The monkeys gave up. Pulling obviously wasn't going to .

Then something happened that the elephants to untangle their trunks and everyone ended up living happily ever after. That part of the story was pretty uneventful in terms of grammar, though, so I won't you with it. And yes, in case you haven't it out yet, Emma, Ellen and Eric were elephants.