daughter teresa (1) watching salt

Teresa Stone was an unpopular, slightly overweight, girl from my hometown who wore spandex pants with heels in high school. I'm convinced Teresa her wardrobe as a measure change her clothes in front of others for gym class. Or she may have read a magazine article on how to dress. “Don't wear oversized clothes or you'll look like a tent.”

Teresa was the kind of girl who'd her paper during tests, assuming people would want to copy from her. Her idea of fun after school was doing puzzles, and “Oooh, ooh” could regularly be heard slipping from her mouth as she held one arm over her head, give her teachers answers.

Now, she's probably the woman at the gym who times people on their machines. She'll interrupt their workout with, “Oh, I see you've got two more minutes left.” Then she'll smile, clenching her small workout towel the bike. If she were terrified of swimming, I'd really want to push her in. I'd watch the whole time.

VOCAB: clench pevně svírat, tisknout gross hnusné heels zde: podpatky (boty na podpatcích) spandex pants elasťáky

In fourth grade I with her. We were paired together for a science project. After school we had to make crystals from salt—something a string and the sun. The project took a week, so Teresa suggested we get together over the weekend to check their progress.

“Well, check their progress and tell me about it?” -- “But then we're not doing it together, and this is supposed to be a group project.” -- “But there isn't anything to do. You want me to come over and watch salt turn into another kind of salt? We watch paint dry, it'd be just as much fun.” -- “But that's what the teacher said we should do.” -- “Ok. But what do we do once we've watched the salt for, say, ten minutes and no changes in color or anything?” -- “How about we play with dolls or do a puzzle.”

I may not have been the most popular girl, but I . Playing dolls with Teresa meant she'd want to dress them up and pretend they were at school. I'd want to undress them and orgies. Teresa and I were very different girls, but I agreed to a sleepover. Maybe this Teresa girl had a hidden side. Or not.

" ,"  was Teresa's response when I suggested that we let Barbie sleep with Ken's dad. It was the first house I'd ever been to where a room was and only used for guests. I left early in the morning, whispering to my mother over the phone to please hurry to pick me up. she did.