When a Loan Is Not a Loan

LORELAI: Well, how's it look?
LUKE: It's dark. me the flashlight.
LORELAI: Why don't you have one of those hats with the lights on them?
LUKE: I burgers for a living, that's why.
LORELAI: Right, right.
LUKE: Okay. I think I've seen enough.
LORELAI: Well how was it? Was there like a termite housing development under there? Golf courses and condos with rooms?
LUKE: It's actually not bad.
LORELAI: Good. Then , what do you know?
LUKE: I mean, there's definitely some damage.
LORELAI: So I'm . Is that what you're saying?
LUKE: Not .
LORELAI: What do you mean? Luke, I need $15,000 which I don't have.
LUKE: Would it help if I got you a couple guys to help?
LORELAI: Like who?
LUKE: Well, I know a good contractor. He did some work on the diner.
LORELAI: You'd do that for me? But how am I gonna pay for it?
LUKE: You won't have to deal with that right .
LORELAI: I won't?
LUKE: No, you can pay it out in . Monthly, bimonthly, whatever you're comfortable with.
LORELAI: So, let me get this . You and some guys who actually know what they're doing are gonna come over and fix my house.
LUKE: That's the of it.
LORELAI: And I can pay them back whenever I want?
LUKE: That's right.
LORELAI: Now, when I finally do make out this check, who do I make it out to?
LUKE: Well, feel to make it out to me.
LORELAI: Oh. So basically you would be me the money?
LUKE: Well, yeah, but it's no big deal.
LORELAI: Luke, that's called a loan.
LUKE: No, it's just a temporary exchange of money for services that will be paid back when you finally have the... yeah, I guess it's a loan.
LORELAI: Man, you as a liar. Thank you, though.
LUKE: You're welcome.
LORELAI: I can't you up on it, you know that.
LUKE: I know, but it was worth a . So what are you gonna do?
LORELAI: You mean crying and punching the walls?
LUKE: Yeah, that's what I meant.