selling a house (1) vitamins & wet bars

KEN: Hey Terry. How are you doing, man? Long time no see, ?
TERRY: What do you mean, long time no see? We talked twenty minutes ago.
KEN: Ok, . Did you know that one sweet potato gives you almost 80% of your daily vitamin "A" intake?
TERRY: Oh, wow. Vitamin "A," huh? That's the eye one, right?
KEN: Yeah, and skin, too. It on the skin, apparently.
TERRY: You know what other vitamin's also good for your skin? D.
KEN: Actually, what I wanted to talk to you about.
TERRY: What's the all the vitamin stuff then?
KEN: That was just . Warm-up stuff. Does that bother you?
TERRY: I guess not. So what's on ?
KEN: Actually, I have a favor to ask you.

VOCAB: intake příjem (potravin apod.) … flip st zde: koupit a obratem (se ziskem) prodat … wet bar bar s alkoholem (a dřezem a tekoucí vodou) … bachelor pad byt pro svobodné, garsonka … crappy mizerný … deal-breaker věc na níž závisí jestli přijmete nabídku nebo ne

TERRY: Ok, .
KEN: Remember a couple years ago, I bought that second house, I could flip it?
TERRY: Yeah, Dave, listen, you know, with the economy that we are having right now, it's probably not the best time for me to be buying .
KEN: Oh, God, no, you wouldn't like this place at all. It's just a boring old family house, not a . It doesn't even have a wet bar.
TERRY: Oh, ok. No wet bar, that would be a . Anyway, go on.
KEN: We've been having these open houses, and they've been going really , and I thought, "What if an actor came by and acted like an interested buyer?" Huh?
TERRY: Oh, you mean me? You want me to be this actor guy?
KEN: that be great?
TERRY: No, .
KEN: Oh, come on. You'd me a huge favor.