selling a house (3) meeting halfway

KEN: What do you want me to do, Terry? the house even though I'm never going to use it?
TERRY: What I'm saying is you'd better fix the place up before I get .
KEN: What do you care? This is not your .
TERRY: It isn't now, but it's gonna be if I say yes. Look, I have enough to deal with as it is, without having some strangers go after me and me for what I'm worth.
KEN: Are you anything right now? You're a has-been, man.
TERRY: What did you just call me?
KEN: Come on, I was just kidding.
TERRY: I don't think you were. Why would you hire a has-been like me?
KEN: Look, I take it back. I was out of . As far as I'm concerned, you still got it. Ok? No feelings?

VOCAB: be out of line přehnat to, chovat se nevhodně … fix st up vyspravit, dát dokupy … gut feeling instinkt / co člověk cítí v kostech … has-been člověk, který už má nejlepší léta (dávno) za sebou … they'll take you for what you're worth oberou tě o všechny peníze

TERRY: You'd mean that.
KEN: I do. I really do. Tell you , I'll give you 200 bucks.
TERRY: Let me think... $300 might do the .
KEN: How about I meet you ? $250, and I'll feed you.
TERRY: My gut tells me not to do this.
KEN: Your gut's just envious. Ignore it. You never listen to it anyway.
TERRY: I guess you're right. What the , I'll do it.
KEN: All right, we're gonna sell this house! And you know what would be great, too?
TERRY: Don't it, Ken.
KEN: I would really like it if you could get your hair cut.
TERRY: I'm not a haircut. Forget it.
KEN: No problem. Your hair's fine the way it is.
TERRY: Man, I'm this already.