toys 'r doomed (1) party's over

BUZZ: Ok, he's gone now. You don't have to hide anymore.
WOODY: Well, that went well.
BUZZ: What do you mean it went well?
WOODY: Well, as as I could tell, Andy still has a soft for us.
BUZZ: Have you actually been listening? He totally us off. I mean, he didn't even stop to look at us.
WOODY: I'm pretty sure he at me at one point. And he might have , too.
BUZZ: Oh, who are we ? The kid's 17 years old. He's going to college any day now.
WOODY: So what if he is? What does that have to do with anything?
BUZZ: one thing, it means we're never getting played with again.
WOODY: Yes we are. We're way too cute for him to drop us like that. , Andy and I are friends. We way back.
BUZZ: That makes no difference. Face it, Andy has us. He doesn't care for toys anymore. He's got other things to worry about.
WOODY: what?
BUZZ: up his grades, partying, dating girls, stuff like that. From now we're not part of his plans anymore.
WOODY: How can you say that? We've kept him entertained for years. That has to count something.
BUZZ: Not kids, it doesn't.