How to Get Out of a Traffic Ticket (1)

Two things happen to bullies when they grow up: they either become drug dealers or they become police officers. Which field the bully goes into depends largely on or not his parents got an education. If Mom was a school teacher and Dad worked for an insurance company, the little that pulled down your pants in gym class will someday get his .

If Dad was nowhere to be and Mom turned tricks for a living, the little scumbag who punched you in the face on a will eventually start growing weed in his closet. The only person whose life is more than a high school bully's is the pretty blond cheerleader, who is to have 3 children and 60 extra pounds by the time she's 26.

For the , this story isn't about the you went to high school with. It's about police officers. Or, more specifically, it explains how to get out of traffic tickets. I mean, that kind of information is sure to come in some day, right? And it's kind of hard to come .

You see, if you're going to string these guys , you need to be able to on their weaknesses. In order to know their weaknesses, you have to find out what makes them . And frankly, they are pretty shallow. If you're capable of getting your own dog to like you, you'll have a day with these guys.