How to Get Out of a Traffic Ticket (4)

DO NOT MAKE EXCUSES. When you make excuses, the only thing you do is yourself up to be lectured. If there is one thing a police officer loves to do, it is to make people feel stupid. It's how they themselves up. Instead, and say, "I'm sorry." THE END. If the cop keeps asking you WHY you were speeding, just say, "I guess I just didn't notice how fast I was going. Thanks for stopping me. It's fair that I get a ticket. From now on I'll make sure it never happens again." Cops love to make you beg while they lecture you. It's their adult version of 'Say !' Take the fun out of the game and they'll be less likely to play it with you. If you , they'll be happy to keep it going for as long as they can.

CHANGE THE SUBJECT. If at all possible, change the . Try to get your police officer to forget that he's a police officer. This is surprisingly easy to off. For instance, if your dog is in the car, allow him to crawl up on the window so the cop can easily him. In fact, go ahead and train your dog to do this, it's worth the time. Once the cop sees the dog, say, "I'm sorry, he just really loves people. Do you like dogs?" thing you know the cop will be waxing nostalgic about some beagle pup he had in the 8th grade. Ask a lot of questions, make it sound like you're interested in his stupid story and long he'll be waving you away without so much as a written warning.

HATE TO SAY IT, BUT BOOBS HELP. Don't be too flirty or else the ball might actually want you to do something in exchange for letting you off the . But if you have a nice rack and are wearing a tight shirt, it helps to over a lot.