uh revisited (2-1) an enjoyable rut

As for my friends, all of them are doing pretty the same things, too. That's actually one way this country is totally different the U.S. I hope you won't mind if I expand this a bit. It looks to me like people here are afraid to chances with their lives. They all seem to wish that things could stay the they are forever. Like, they don't mind staying in one job their whole life. They get totally stressed when things change for whatever reason. They suddenly find that they are expected to drop some of their long-time habits and get to new ones. It's of like they enjoy being in a rut.

Their lives look so predictable to me, it's almost ridiculous, very much the U.S.. Then again, these people seem to be ok with their choices so who am I to judge them? , they come across as really laid-back, at least compared to most Americans. You know, a lot of my friends back home have joined the rat race now and they're just too busy to ever back and hang out with their friends anymore.