uh revisited (3) that was the extent of it

I had heard that George usually goes to Mir on the weekends, so last Saturday I went out with Martin (he and George very close back in school). I wanted to go to Mir, but on the way there we saw a poster that said there was a concert, so we didn't go there until almost midnight. When I walked in, I saw couples and that guy who pissed on the floor at Titanic was on the floor, passed out. Some things never change, I guess.

The music was just awful and pretty loud, too. I that it was some sort of a competition of heavy metal bands, so Martin and I went into the concert and I saw George and his brother front of the crowd. I decided to wait until they came out to say hi, and Martin and I were sitting on the pool table when George came out. He walked right in front of me and stood right next to me and talked to some guy five minutes and didn't even notice I was right there.

I realized this could go on forever so I called out his name and he turned around and me, like he wasn't totally sure it was me. I said hi and he came over and he was totally surprised -- he said he knew I was coming but he thought it was in a few months still. Since I was talking to Martin, I asked him if he'd be there a while, and he said he would, so I told him I wanted to talk to him but in a few minutes.

Anyway, he left like 30 minutes later and I was still with Martin and he didn't even say anything when he left. I him again today and he said "Cau" and that was because I was on my way to a pizza house with another friend. Maybe he feels because of what happened between him and Julia? Or maybe he'll open up more next time I see him? Who knows? he's really bored, according to Michael, and he just does his civil service and then with nothing to do in the afternoons and evenings and on the weekends.