the ulcer troubles

Today, I got diagnosed with stomach ulcers. They are extremely and I have been throwing up blood for weeks, even before I knew what was wrong, which scared me to no . On my latest trip to the toilet, I was shaking so hard I fell to my knees. I could breathe and sweat was running my forehead. I was hugging the bowl puking my guts out and cursing my bad .

The pain was bad enough that it me beat the floor with my fist. Not only did I hurt my fist in the , but at one I hit the floor so hard that the toilet lid came crashing down on my head, me a minor concussion. I lifted the lid, stood up and out into the hallway, where I slipped on a wet , crashing head first into a big mirror. It cracked and did my skull, by the sound of it.

So I'm lying next to a broken mirror, out and covered in blood and vomit. when my daughter walks in the door along with a of friends from her ballet class. Let me just say that when the ambulance finally arrived, it was hard to tell who to in it first.