valentine's day (3) fessing up

I could see that the teacher did not believe me. "Sidney, stop and tell me the truth. Did you write this card?" I told her I had. "How you feel if someone wrote you a card like that?" she asked. I knew I would feel hurt, but I did not want to say that. I stood there at the ground.

The teacher told me to apologize to Esther. I . Then I went back to my desk and sat down. I why Donny and Mike did not get called to the teacher's desk. Then I knew: Donny and Mike did not write anything horrible to Esther. My two best friends me. I looked over and the bastards were about it. I didn't them after that; but the worst part is that I still feel bad what I wrote.

Esther was a slow learner and they her in a normal classroom where she looked stupid she tried to read. She hated it; one time the teacher caught Esther eating toilet-bowl cleaner she would throw up and get out of school for the day. And we children were crueler to her for it when we found out. We called her toilet mouth, and she hated school even more.

Esther, I want know that I am sorry for writing unkind things. If I knew your address I would send you a great Valentine's Day card. But maybe you'll read this: Dear Esther, Happy Valentine's Day.