what makes women tick [easy] facebook

EXES ON FB: Yes, I've searched Facebook for every ex at least three times. So what? What is the big ? First of all, I had that many boyfriends. More , they were all jerks. God knows what I was thinking dating them. For all I , they can in hell. That said, I can't stop who they ended up with. I just can't help it, I'm . Are they living in the Bahamas or are they back in their mother's basement? Whatever they are , they'd not be married someone I know.

THE CEILING FAN: Look, you don't need to be . If you can't put up a ceiling fan under four hours, bite the and hire someone else to do the job. it, you can't be good everything. And you don't have to. It doesn't make you any of a man. You think I like to watch you kick screws all the room, throw boxes around or punch holes in the wall? I'd rather meet you at a bar for a drink. While we're out, is broken is fixed by someone who actually knows what he's doing.