woman, i can hardly explain (1) thoughts, salads and video

IT'S THE THOUGHT THAT COUNTS | Being thought is awesome. It's the kind of thing that makes women . And it doesn't take a whole lot of effort on your . In fact, go ahead and lie about it. As long as it makes us feel good, we won't your honesty and you're in the clear. Here's a few tips for when you're at work, just off the of my head: send me a link to something I might like or a picture of something that made you think of me, or simply me a note that you heard a song on the radio that reminded you of me. Some soon, you'll be happy you did.

SALAD DAYS | Know that we pretty much hate your when you order a salad. That's what we have girlfriends . You're supposed to encourage us to get whatever great-tasting meal we really want of the calories. Just you diet shouldn't mean we need to diet. By ordering a salad, you're essentially calling us fat. Calling a girl fat or even suggesting that the thought might have your mind is a dealbreaker, no two ways about it. If you haven't figured that out, you're help. Same goes for if you do know this but ignore it.

VIDEO GAMES | Honestly, we don't you playing video games. To each his , whatever floats your boat, as long as it doesn't get in the of our quality time together, we're with that. There's an exception, though. If something comes up that we really need to talk about, and you keep getting by attacking zombies or ugly-ass dragons — we may start having a bit of a problem with these games. Plus, these things . Next thing you , we'll have a problem with stuff that didn't bother us before. See how it works?