the worklaugh (1) big office party

Monica is getting dressed for Chandler's office party. She's pretty excited.
Monica: Look at us, all dressed for the big office party. the way, what are we celebrating?
Chandler: Oh, remember the Christmas party I went to? Well, we just got a lot of booze left from that.
Monica: This is so cool because of our friends are here and we can be a real couple. We don't have to hide. I'm really tired of to sneak around. Wait, your boss is telling another joke. Oh, I've heard that one. It's so corny. Uh, what was that noise you just made?

Chandler: Oh, that was my work laugh. Believe me, to survive this party, you're gonna to come with one, too.
Monica: Why I have to laugh?
Chandler: You see, every time Doug tells a joke, I laugh like that. It makes him think I enjoy his jokes. If I keep this , he may come to like me. And if he likes me, he might consider promoting me. That wouldn't be a bad thing, would it?

The next day Chandler gets home from work all excited.
Chandler: Hey. Everybody work loved you last night. And Doug wants us to play tennis with them. He's never talked to me outside of work. Except for that time when we bumped each other at that strip club... Anyway, I'm gonna go the racquet.