the worrier (2) happily overpaying

It took me months to realize I was all wrong. I had been overly cautious and it cost me. I should have the less-than-perfect thing before it slipped out of my price range. I spend the next few months kicking myself for hesitating and turning down offers that look like real bargains.

I went to open houses and in crummy apartments where buyers lined up 30 deep, yelling offers on the spot. One day I offered the full asking price on a place that really wasn't worth it, not , and the broker didn't even return my call. Friends were . One sold a one-bedroom for $150,000 over the asking price, the market seem more cruel. Each success story you hear, instead of cheering you up, makes you more depressed. spending most of your time hating your friends who are homeowners, home buyers or happily in rentals.

VOCAB: (real estate) broker realitní agent ... consolation útěcha ... crummy mizerný, ubohý ... down payment záloha v hotovosti ... settle for st spokojit se s něčím (horším)

Finally in May I found a small one-bedroom in the West Village: 500 square feet; mid-$200,000s; no character, but clean. I resigned myself to overpaying, everyone else was. So one day, in the office of the seller's attorney, I took all the money out of the savings account I had started and began writing checks. These included $20,000 to complete my down payment, $1,650 to my lawyer and $757.12 for the first month's maintenance.

It was really depressing just watching money go . And the longer the closing process goes on, the more time you have to think, which means more time to panic. You spend your evenings , wondering if you're making the biggest mistake of your life splashing all that money out on a place that lose a third of its value you're selling it.