the worrier (3) cut, trim and scrap

Now I wake up every morning afraid to pick up the paper. What if it says the housing market has gone down, and the value is from my apartment with each passing day? I scan the ads almost as frantically as before, about every little change in prices. As a mantra, I keep telling myself that the West Village will always be in , that if the market goes down, I can ride it out. , there was no other option. If I hadn't bought something and the market continued to go up, I'd be living in a storage unit or something.

To pay for my new place, I've had to make some . I'm trying to only eat out if friends are paying for it. I used to myself to one nice dinner a week, for about $20. Now I go to Chinatown instead, where I can dine for $4. To lunch expenses I might start buying sandwiches after 5 o'clock, when they're half-price. Every day I feel guilty buying lunch, books, anything.

VOCAB: leak unikat pryč ... penny-pinching škudlení ... ride it out přestát, vydržet ... scrap st zrušit, odvolat ... treat sb to st dopřát někomu něco ... trim oříznout ... windfall neočekávané peníze

Recently I a trip to Japan, which would have cost about $2,300. To trim another $900, I decided not to buy new fall clothes. I also started doing my own laundry, for the first time in years, to save about $6 a week. I don't know whether it's , the savings are so small. It seems like it hardly even in the great scheme of things. In a recent , I damaged some clothes washing them by hand, in an to cut $7 a week in dry cleaning expenses.

Even as I pennies, I don't always end up saving them. The windfall from the scrapped vacation is already spent toward custom bookcases, which cost about $2,500. Then there's the $11,000 credenza I've had an on for years. And a rug. And pots and pans. When I think of the size of the mortgage for my 500 square feet, I out in cold sweat. They say it's the gestures one makes saving money that count in the end. Well, they'd better be right.