lynette's yoga class (1) planning ahead

Lauren: Excuse me. You can't do that. See, the roster is full. I'm sorry but adding names to the bottom is not .
Lynette: I'm here for the 10 a.m. yoga class. I'm not late, am I? What, have all the spaces taken?
Lauren: As a of fact they have. The class is about to start. I wish I could you in but the day care center is full. I guess you should have up earlier.

Lynette: Yeah, but this place is full every time I come here. How am I ever to get in?
Lauren: Well, you must have noticed that it's a popular class, and the other moms know than to turn up at the last minute.
Lynette: Look, I'm a mother of four. Let me tell you how my day has gone so far today. I got up at five, made breakfast, the twins off at school, and got across town a baby and a sick child.

Lauren: Look, I know how hard this must be for you but there's really nothing I can do at this . All I can tell you is you'd better plan ahead next time.
Lynette: Lauren, telling me to plan is like telling me to grow wings. And it's things like told to plan ahead that make me so crazy that yoga is the only thing that relaxes me, I show up here, and I can't get in, and you tell me to plan ahead. It's a vicious circle. See how that ?