lynette's yoga class (2) pissy back and forth

Lauren: I get it, but if I broke the rules for you, I'd have to break them for the other moms too, and then the moms who actually follow the rules would all pissed at me, and I'd have to get pissy right back, and before you know it, I don't have time to read my magazine. See how that works?
Lynette: I hope some day you have lots of children. Then you'll see what it's like to spend your days struggling to fit some fun stuff into your busy . No sense of achievement, either, I guarantee you that.

Lauren: Actually, I'm not planning on having kids. Ever, I mean. Seeing what I see here every day makes me think it's simply not it. I may change my mind when I get older but frankly, it's not .
Lynette: That's a horrible thing to say, Lauren. You're making a big mistake.
Lauren: That's what you think, isn't it? Well, don't come around asking for . The way I see it, you made your bed, now you have to lie in it.

Lynette: You're just loving this, aren't you? Well, let me tell you what the real is with kids. Or would you go on reading your magazine?
Lauren: Go ahead, I can't wait to hear what you have to say. So, what fun stuff am I going to miss on not having kids?
Lynette: Ok, here goes: you reconsider and do have kids one day and then go through the same that I'm going through right now. Or you won't, and you'll spend half your life regretting it. Either way, you don't to win.
Lauren: Well, we'll see that. Right now, though, I bet you wish with all your heart you could places with me.