a yuppie in giuliani's new york (3) kosenza

When I called to about my particular case, I was told to call back later. „Speak with Officer Kosenza.“ But I didn't get a chance. Kosenza called me that night, while I was dinner with my girlfriend. He wanted me to come to court, right then. First he sweet-talked. („I promise I'll have you out of there in 20 minutes, Adam.“) Then he . („If you get pulled over while you're out of state, the police will see you have a warrant and throw you in jail.“) He up begging. („I took the trouble to call you. I thought we had a .“)

But I was cautious. Gladys's middle-aged daughter had connections at the local precinct, so she things out. It seems New York's cops are in trouble. With crime falling to record lows, it's getting harder and harder for cops to „make the numbers“ that show they're doing a better and better cracking down on crime. Rudy would not be pleased. What to do? The answer, it out, is to go through out-of-date tickets that haven't paid—anything they could into a „crime.“ Then they sweettalk potential offenders turning up at the station, fingerprint them and lock 'em up for as long as 48 hours. Gladys's friend suggested I should get a lawyer.