FRIENDS: The One With The Apothecary Table (III)

The Hallway between the apartments, Joey, Janine, Chandler, and Monica are returning from a double date
Chandler: then the farmer says, "That's not a cow and you're not milking it."
Monica: I am so glad you guys got , Chandler and I are always looking for a couple to go out and now we have one!
Chandler: Look at us, we're a couple of couples!
Janine: I had so much tonight, and what a great restaurant.
Joey: And Chandler, I can't I let you pay for this one.
Monica: So are you guys gonna come tomorrow? I'll make that pasta thing I was telling you .
Janine: Oh that would be great!
Joey: Oh, but at let us bring the wine.
Monica: Joey, you don't have to!
Joey: No! I ! (whispers to Chandler) You‘ll get the wine, right?

Joey and Janine enter their apartment
Janine: How are we gonna get out of this? I can't handle two nights in a with them.
Joey: What's with Monica and Chandler?
Janine: I don't know, they're just a little blah! Well, he's blah, she's just... she's very loud for a small person.
Joey: They're my best friends. Are you saying we can't out with them? 'Cause that would kind of be a problem.
Janine: No! Of course we can still hang out with them. not two nights in a row. Okay? (she kisses him)
Joey: I guess. If you want, I'll my friends and the money to buy you presents.